Correct Breathing In Singing?

There is no singing without breathing. Breathing is often one of the first topics discussed during singing lessons. There are also lots of articles and videos about breathing in singing in the web. When talking about singing and breathing you can’t help noticing a term breath support that has been Continue Reading

Where To Find A Voice Teacher?

Are you thinking about starting to take voice lessons? Great! There are several ways to find a voice teacher, and some of them will be covered in this blog post. Notice that the list is put together in a random order: there are several good ways to find a voice Continue Reading

How Is The Voice Produced?

Voice production is a complex function even though it can often feel very easy. When simplified, the whole voice production can be categorized in a cooperation of three different sections: Breath; the outflowing air makes the true vocal folds vibrate. Vocal fold vibration; creates pitch and overtones. Vocal tract; by Continue Reading