Singing Is A Skill That Can Be Practiced

You hear a song on the radio. Listening to the vocalist, a thought pops into your mind: ”what a talented singer!” When listening to a skilled singer it is easy to not to consider the fact that they must have practised singing TONS.

What if our perception of ”being talented” actually equals to the amount of practice that has been put in? What about if being talented is actually a synonym for practising diligently?

Everyone can develop their singing skills! With a qualified voice teacher it is possible to practice many different areas of singing, some of which are voice technique, how my voice works; and different music styles: how to sing jazz, classical or pop music, for example. Other areas to concentrate on are different rhythms in different music styles; phrasing, which means how to vary the rhythm of an existing melody; and sight-reading.

Everyone can develop their singing skills!

In addition to those already mentioned, one can also practice interpretation of a song; how do I experience the message and emotions of this particular song personally? What does this song mean to me? How can I sing in a way the listeners will sense – and even better, experience – the emotions that I experience during singing? The goal is to allow all of these different areas to merge and support one another, hopefully allowing an unforgettable singing experience to unroll.

All of us share a need to express ourselves, and singing is a very human way to do so. What would you want to learn about singing right now?

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