Do Mental Images Help Us Sing Better?

If you have ever taken a voice lesson, or received guidance in voice technique, it is quite likely that concepts have been described to you with mental images, such as: Sing in the mask Sing with a forward placement Support your voice Smell the rose Imagine that you are a Continue Reading

Train Your Voice Smartly

One cannot learn to sing even with the world’s greatest singing teacher if one does not try out, practice and sing. Well how can one practice singing if it’s not clear how and what to practice? In this article we have listed tips for smart practicing to develop the singing Continue Reading

Learn To Move Across Problem Areas

Have you noticed that it is more difficult to sing the way you want in certain vocal areas compared to others? In these areas the voice may change to a different one in an uncontrolled way, which some people refer to as the “voice breaking”, or doing an unintentional yodeling Continue Reading

How To Sing High Notes?

Singing high is without doubt one of the most wanted singing skills. In this article we will tell you what kinds of things are typically preventing singers from being able to sing high notes. The reason why singing high is difficult is rarely that it wouldn’t be possible; usually the Continue Reading