How Is The Voice Produced?

Voice production is a complex function even though it can often feel very easy. When simplified, the whole voice production can be categorized in a cooperation of three different sections:

Breath; the outflowing air makes the true vocal folds vibrate.

Vocal fold vibration; creates pitch and overtones.

Vocal tract; by changing the shape of the vocal tract vowels, consonants and different voice qualities are created and recognized by the ear.

The outflowing air coming from the lungs makes the vocal folds vibrate. The vibration of the vocal folds creates sound waves in the air that are modified in the vocal tract. The sound waves that have been shaped in the vocal tract create a sound that we recognize as speech or singing. The vocal tract is the “tube” that starts right above the true vocal folds and goes all the way through the pharynx and the mouth to the lips.

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