End Of An Era – And A New Beginning

This is a Christmas letter from VoiceManual. We bring two pieces of news. Farewell VoiceManual As many of us are getting ready for the holidays, so is VoiceManual preparing itself for vast changes. We, authors of VoiceManual, have decided to end writing this blog. Therefore this will be our last Continue Reading

Sing To Learn Foreign Languages

Did you know that it is more efficient to learn foreign languages by singing? A study made among Ecuadorian children who were learning English showed that singing improved memorizing, translating and pronouncing skills. Reference: Arla J. Good, Frank A. Russo, Jennifer Sullivan: The efficacy of singing in foreign-language learning. Psychology Continue Reading

Singing In A Choir Promotes Wellbeing

It’s not a surprise that singing in a choir is related to better quality of life. It has been explained by increased social capital, empowerment, lifting the mood and so on. However a study made in Finland shows other kind of results among older adults. Surprisingly older adult choir singers Continue Reading

Singing Reduces Snoring

A British research shows that regular singing exercises may reduce snoring and improve symptoms of mild to moderate sleep apnoea. This study is considered as a preliminary research and further studies are needed to confirm the results. However it is worth trying singing to see if it helps you with Continue Reading

Vocal Effects: Growl

As with many other vocal effects, also growl is a spontaneous sound that singers produce due to an expressed emotion. It is a commonly used vocal effect in soul and blues music, for instance. One of the most commonly know growl users is probably Louis Armstrong with his legendary What Continue Reading

Why Do I Sing?

We asked our followers at Facebook and at Instagram why do they sing. Here are some answers: Singing brings good mood and empowers Singing is fun and relaxing Singing brings out all emotions Singing together strengthens the sense of community and the feeling of togetherness Singing feels good Singing is Continue Reading