Which Singing Method Is The Best?

Singing can be taught in very many different ways. There are several singing methods – and even more opinions about them. Which one of the methods is the best and most beneficial? The best method is always the one that helps to sing the way the singer wants to sing – in a healthy manner.

Every singing teacher has his or her own method that can rely more or less on a school or a general method. Many singing teachers combine all the things they have learned themselves in a unique application.

Here is a short review of some singing methods in an alphabetical order:

Alexander Technique

Alexander technique helps people to use their bodies in a natural way without unnecessary tensions. Some singing teachers are specialised to use it in their work.

Balance in Phonation

Finnish speech therapist and singing pedagogue Ritva Eerola has combined the knowledge of practice, physiology and acoustics into a Balance in Phonation Voice Training program.

Bel Canto

Western singing pedagogy has been based for a long time on the Bel Canto singing style created by Italian maestros. It is the basis of the classical singing and its sound ideal.

Complete Vocal Technique

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) was created by a Danish singing pedagogue and researcher Cathrine Sadolin. The four main subjects of CVT are:

  • The three overall principles – to ensure healthy sound production
  • The four vocal modes – to choose the ‘gear’ you want to sing in.
  • Sound colours – to make the sound lighter or darker.
  • Effects – to achieve specific sound effects.

Estill Voice Training

Estill Voice Training (EVT) was created by an American researcher and voice pedagogue Jo Estill. The Estill model of the voice is widely used in voice training, singing, music theater and speech therapy all over the world. The core of EVT are Figures for Voice that can be combined to ’recipes’ to create different sound qualities.

Speech Level Singing

Speech Level Singing (SLS) was created by an American singing teacher Seth Riggs. The goal of SLS is speech sound singing voice.

The best method is always the one that helps to sing the way the singer wants to sing – in a healthy manner.

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