Vocal Effects: Growl

As with many other vocal effects, also growl is a spontaneous sound that singers produce due to an expressed emotion. It is a commonly used vocal effect in soul and blues music, for instance. One of the most commonly know growl users is probably Louis Armstrong with his legendary What Continue Reading

Vocal Effects: Rattle

Rattle is a vocal effect produced in the vocal tract. According to Complete Vocal Institute, this effect can be formed by many different structures: vibrations at the arytenoid cartilages uvula (palatine uvula) back of the tongue the soft palate mucosa / saliva vibrating over the arytenoid cartilages Rattle is often Continue Reading

What Are Vocal Effects?

Vocal Effects Are Used To Highlight Emotions Vocal effects are different sounds that are used to highlight and intensify the singer’s expression, interpretation or style. As its name suggests, a vocal effect is an effect the purpose of which is to add something to present melody and lyrics. However, sometimes Continue Reading