What Are Vocal Effects?

Vocal Effects Are Used To Highlight Emotions

Vocal effects are different sounds that are used to highlight and intensify the singer’s expression, interpretation or style. As its name suggests, a vocal effect is an effect the purpose of which is to add something to present melody and lyrics. However, sometimes vocal effects are used as such, with no pitch.

The field of research in vocal effects is rather new, although they have been taught and researched by different individual voice teachers for some time. Vocal effects are also a part of Complete Vocal Technique. Complete Vocal Institute has done research on different vocal effects, and they divide them as follows:

Take Care Of Vocal Health

Please bare in mind that many vocal effects are considered as extreme ways to use the voice. Therefore, when practising them, it is important to take care of healthy voice usage.

Digging Deeper

If you would like to read more about vocal effects, in addition to Complete Vocal Institute you may want to check out this article on the topic written by voice teacher and vocal coach Annika Holmberg at The Naked Vocalist blog.

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