How To Rehearse Online With Your Choir?

Many choirs are brainstorming during these days how to rehearse online as getting together is not possible. How can you practice together with the delay in the video connection? It is possible if you accept the fact that you can sing at the same time but not together.

Online training is good for the motivation, too. And it is more fun to practice so that you see your fellow choristers practicing at the same time. There are also some benefits of online rehearsals that can’t be done without or there is just not time to do those during regular rehearsals. This is a perfect time to concentrate on those aspects.

We listed the benefits and the downsides of online choir rehearsals to encourage you to have online training with your choir and to help you to find the best practices for them.

Benefits Of Online Choir Rehearsals:

  • Training systemically: when your rehearsal is scheduled you keep the practicing routine going more easily
  • Orderliness: the content of the rehearsal is planned and directed by the conductor
  • Interactivity: it’s possible to ask question and get some feedback
  • Motivation: scheduled time and seeing other choristers practicing encourages to practice and to keep up with the practicing routine
  • Community: video connection allows you to meet your singer friends
  • Learning material: online rehearsal can easily be recorded (video / audio) and used as learning material later
  • Autonomy and learning process: you have to take more responsibility of your learning process because the choir conductor can’t give as much feedback as during normal rehearsals. Don’t be afraid of it! This autonomy makes you a better learner.
  • New ways to train: ”virtual choir”, a cappella application, what else can you do or use?
  • Performing: Have you seen yourself performing? On an online rehearsal you can watch yourself and see how you look when singing. It might be quite eye opening.
  • Concentrating on special topics: this is a perfect time to concentrate on topics that you usually don’t find time to do. Is it time to improve your singing skills and technique? Practice sight singing and reading music? Or develop your performance skills? Learn new songs and concert programs? Make future plans with all the singers?

Downsides Of Online Choir Rehearsals:

  • Singing together is impossible because of the delay
  • You can’t hear other singers
  • It can be difficult to sing at home (room, other family members, neighbours, web connection, devices)
  • The conductor can’t give you feedback as much as normally

The lists are not complete, so please let us know if you have great ideas to add.

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