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What Is VoiceManual?

VoiceManual is a free open source material and a blog about singing for anyone willing to learn about the voice. Blog posts are published on a regular basis and they are categorized into different levels to serve singers from beginners to experienced professionals: basic, advanced and expert.

As both writers of VoiceManual are Certified Estill Master Trainers many articles in this blog are rooted in the Estill Voice Model created by Jo Estill, one of pioneer researchers in the field of voice science.

How To Use VoiceManual?

Navigate through our blog to find topics that interest you, or search for an exact topic about which you wish to learn more. Use tags to find specific topics or choose a category. All the articles are found in the archive in which they are organized in a timeline. Or simply click the Index button on the top panel to find all articles in an alphabetical order. Words in color link to other blog posts that relate to the topic.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please contact us. We will write a post about it, or ask an expert of the topic to write one. We also want to learn more!

Why Use VoiceManual?

We think that if a student had a taste of knowledge about the topic they want to learn before they go to see their voice teacher, learning process could be a lot more effective and motivating. Here’s the idea: why spend a big part of the valuable voice lesson on waiting for the teacher to verbally explain you things you could have read by yourself beforehand? The topic will naturally still be discussed during the voice lesson, but learning will be more profound because the topic will not be totally new anymore.

So, we suggest that you study essential topics about the vocal function here at VoiceManual, and then go practice them live with a qualified singing teacher.

VoiceManual can be used as a material for introduction, revision or self-study of a vocal topic.

A Tool For Voice Teachers

Voice teachers can use this blog as a learning material for their students. Vocal topics are put into small pieces that are easy to grasp. VoiceManual is easy to access, and it’s free.

Will VoiceManual Replace Live Voice Lessons?

No. The best singing app is a live voice teacher. However, we believe that knowledge is power. When you know how the voice works, it might be much easier and more effective (and a whole lot more motivating) to study singing. Also, you will know what to practice in order to achieve the goals you wish to conquer.


My Voice, My Responsibility

Keep in mind that it is everyone’s own responsibility to take care of their own vocal health. This blog is meant to offer information and tips for vocal training, yet exercises and topics practiced without coaching or feedback from a qualified voice teacher may hurt the voice if done incorrectly. We at VoiceManual advise you to practice with a qualified voice teacher. VoiceManual wants everyone to be in good vocal health, however no claims or guarantees are made. Each individual is solely responsible for the health of his or her own voice.