6 Things That Are Good To Know About Singing Lessons

Many singers from beginners to experienced ones are shy to start taking singing lessons for several reasons. One of the reasons is that it’s not common knowledge what happens during the singing lessons and what are they for. So we listed a few things what you can learn both in a group or in an individual singing lessons.

1. Singing Technique Means Practicing Desired Voice Qualities And Solving Problems

Practicing singing technique means mainly two things:

  1. Learning voice qualities that are typical for the music genre in question
  2. Solving problems in singing like how to sing high notes, how to sing louder, how to sing correct pitches and so on.

So if you want to sing classical music find a teacher who knows that field. On the other hand choose a contemporary commercial music (CCM) teacher for those genres. There are also more and more teachers that can sing and teach both.

2. Vocal Exercises Are Not Just Warm-Up

Vocal exercises are typically sung in the beginning of a singing lesson. They are not just for warm-up. Their goal is to develop your singing instrument and to improve your singing skills.

Many different aspects are practiced in small portions during simple exercises. If you don’t understand what you are practicing ask your teacher. The explanation can be as simple as producing the wanted voice quality in different pitches.

3. Learning Music Styles Through Songs

Deepening the knowledge about music and music styles is a big part of singing lessons. It is done by songs. Knowledge about the music and performance praxis helps to see beyond the surface and to interpret the songs.

Different sectors of singing unite to joy and esthetics of music in songs. No wonder that this part is usually the high light of singing lessons and also a very motivational part to learn.

4. Rhythmics Are An Essential Part Of Contemporary Commercial Music Styles

One of the most important elements of CCM are rhythmics ergo how the rhythms are sung, accented and so on. It can’t be skipped!

5. Intepretation And Performance Skills Can Be Improved

Have you ever thought about how much singers have analyzed songs and ways to interpret them before performances? Intuition is important but there are also many ways to improve one’s skills in performing.

6. Practicing Is Most Important

If you want to get the maximum out of your singing lessons practice alone between them. Without practicing very little improvement takes place, because the muscles used in singing need repetition. It is not about how much time you practice but how regularly and how well concentrated you are when practicing. Sometimes even a couple of minutes is enough. On the other hand, other areas can be practiced for clearly longer periods of time. Also silent practicing can be super effective.

Do your homework: learn the melody and the lyrics of new songs before the lesson and listen to different singers singing the song. That way you don’t have to spend time during the lessons for something you can do on your own.

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