Vocal Fry Is A Vocal Register And An Effect

Vocal Fry As A Register

Vocal fry is a vocal register. It is located below the chest register – therefore in the lowest part of the vocal range.

Irregular Vibration

Vocal fry is one of the vibratory patterns of the vocal folds. It is usually considered as a healthy way to produce voice. Vocal fry happens when true vocal folds are loose and vibrate irregularly. It’s not possible to produce different pitches only with the vocal fry. Vocal fry – or lack of it – may also be a sign of vocal problems.

On the left: a vowel with chest voice.
In the middle: a vowel with vocal fry.
On the right: a vowel that starts with vocal fry but changes to the chest voice.
The picture was created with Estill Voiceprint Plus, a real-time spectral analysis program.

Vocal Fry As An Effect

Vocal fry is used as an effect in singing or speaking. The latter has recently been popular among young people. In singing vocal fry is used as an effect in many different situations and emotions.

Britney Spears has used vocal fry as an effect in her singing. Listen to the starts of phrases.
Katy Perry is also a master of using vocal fry in singing.

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