If You Want To Improve Your Singing Learn To Feel How You Sing

Imitating is an important part of developing singing skills. A small child learns to speak by trying to repeat again and again the words he hears from his parents. In the beginning, also singing is learned by listening, imitating and PRACTICING. An another skill is however needed for deeper learning: a skill to sense the voice in one’s own body.

Activating Muscles For New Tasks

Singing is muscle work. When singing we use little muscles in the larynx and in the vocal tract. Activating these muscles for singing is a process in which noticing and self-monitoring the muscle work in one’s own body helps more than just trusting the ear.

Sense The Voice

Have you ever noticed that some singers’ voices make you feel good in your body? Instead some other singers’ voices might feel even uncomfortable in your throat. This phenomenon is called an audio kinesthetic skill – a skill to feel or sense in your own body what other people are doing in theirs when singing or speaking.

The audio kinesthetic skill can be improved too. It is an important tool for singing teachers that guide their students with it. For a singing student the audio kinesthetic skill is a benefit; it helps to repeat what a teacher shows with his or her voice.

To accomplish a new thing for the first time happens often “by accident” and unconsciously. Establishing a new function needs repetition and consciousness. Together with understanding what happens in the body and with the recognition how and where the maneuver is felt in the body are the keys to real learning in singing.

Practicing Process: Understand, Discover, Feel And Repeat

  1. Understand what you are practicing and why. It helps to visualise and implement the following parts.
  2. Discover the function by imitating or with a natural reflex.
  3. Feel or sense where the muscles are working in your body and with what kind of effort.
  4. Repeat until you can do it automatically.

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