What Is Mixed Voice Or Middle Voice And How Is It Produced?

Mixed voice or middle register is about combining the chest and the head registers. Often times singers describe middle voice to feel like they’re “mixing” the chest and the head voices together. But how is it done?

Making The Register Change Inaudible

The vibratory pattern of the vocal folds easily changes when approaching the “break area” or “passaggio area”. Then the “register change” can be heard clearly: the voice was strong and clear in the lower area, as in speaking, but changed suddenly into a breathy voice.

The purpose of “mixing” is indeed to make these changes inaudible when ascending the scale. Manipulation is needed in the muscles of the larynx, the shape of the vocal tract and in the breath.

The Vocal Tract And The Vibratory Pattern Of The Vocal Folds Change

Mixing or mixed voice is a part of many singing styles, classical and contemporary singing for instance. Mixing is collaboration of changes in breathing, in vocal fold vibration and in the vocal tract.

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